As it Comes - some thoughts on music and cello playing

Since this is this age of blogging, sharing, debating and commenting etc, I have gradually begun to feel my own arm twisted (by an imaginary reader) to write about something to do with music and musical performance, on an occasional and spontaneous basis, that strikes me as worth sharing. Setting myself the "secondary" (that is, usually unachievable) goal of being concise, it's my great hope that there's something in there for musicians - and, I hope, for non-musicians, or non-players - that is helpful, nourishing or thought-provoking. I will not share any glitzy photos, selfies, or travel schedules, what I'm about to do and with whom; from my privileged point of view as a fairly busy cellist, I feel there is always enough to talk about in terms of music itself, and that's always where my energy is concentrated. Read on, if you like!