"The Scotsman" published a review of the concerts in Edinburgh with Erich Höbarth and Susan Tomes on February 12th:

"In Saturday night’s Beethoven concert, Tomes, with violinist Erich Höbarth and cellist Philip Higham, gave an exemplary demonstration of ensemble playing at the highest level. In the ‘Archduke’ Trio in B flat, all three instruments were perfectly in balance, echoing each other’s turn of phrase and expression with precision and eloquence. The musicians beautifully interwove Beethoven’s intricate themes and captured his mysterious chromatic forays into modernism in the scherzo [...]. The Sonata for piano and cello in C major, opus 102 no 1, [...] also show Beethoven pushing at the boundaries of conventional form. Like a couple who finish each other’s sentences, Tomes and Higham expertly picked up the run-on phrases in the finale. [...]"